Section 6: Laser Amplification

Let me just tell you, this is my bread and butter y’all (I am allowed to say this in this context, as I am a Kentuckian and therefore have rights to the application of the contraction of you + all (-: ). This is what I am primarily responsible for in my laboratory, and as such, will be trying to relate the teachings in the next few sections to phenomena I have observed in my lab.

Table of Contents:

  1. Practical Aspects of Laser Amplifiers
  2. Wave Propagation in an Atomic Medium
  3. The Paraxial Wave Equation
  4. Single-Pass Laser Amplification
  5. Stimulated Transition Cross Sections
  6. Saturation Intensities in Laser Materials
  7. Homogeneous Saturation in Laser Amplifiers
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