Section 5: Nonlinear Ultrafast Phenomena

Nonlinear effects are a major contribution to ultrafast optics in a number of ways. First, because ultrafast optics refers to very short pulse durations, typically very high peak powers are involved (except for cases when precaution is taken to consciously avoid high peak power, such as when stretching). Additionally, also due to the short durations, any change in phase has large effects on the pulses. Finally, nonlinear effects are used for a variety of applications that aid in ultrashort pulse creation or measurement. This section of the website focuses mainly on nonlinear effects in ultrafast optics, but it has strong crossover with the “Fiber Optics” and the “Nonlinear Optics” portions of this website. Head over to those sections for more specific descriptions of nonlinearity based on your needs!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction to Nonlinear Optics
  2. Second Order Effects: Second-Harmonic Generation
  3. Second Order Effects: Three-Wave Interactions
  4. Propagation in Media with Nonlinear Refractive Index
  5. Third Order Effects: Self-Phase Modulation
  6. Third Order Effects: Self-Focusing
  7. Third Order Effects: SPM + Negative GVD
  8. Third Order Effects: SPM + Positive GVD
  9. Continuum Generation
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