Section 5: Optical Solitons

Solitons are a quite interesting phenomenon observed in many fields of physics, including biology, nuclear physics, and quantum mechanics. The definition of a soliton, according to the Wikipedia page, is “a self-reinforcing wave packet that propagates at a constant velocity”. They can interact with other solitons and remain unchanged after the interaction. In the context of fibers, solitons emerge due to the interplay between nonlinearity (self-phase modulation in particular) and anomalous dispersion. They have important applications in fiber optic communications, as the fact that they can propagate unchanged is extremely useful. Read on below to find out more about this exciting subject in optics!

Table of Contents:

  1. Modulation Instability
  2. Fiber Solitons
  3. Applications of Fiber Solitons
  4. Soliton Communications Systems
  5. Higher-Order Nonlinear Effects
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