Section 7: Acousto-Optics

Just like the application of an electric field to a crystal can lead to changing light propagation effects, the application of an acoustic, or sound, wave to a crystal can also change the way light propagates in a crystal. As one may imagine again, there are a number of components you can use in the laboratory that take advantage of this effect, so read on to learn about the acousto-optic effect to know how these components work in your own laboratory.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Photoelastic Effect
  2. Basic Concepts of Acousto-Optic Interactions
  3. Bragg Diffraction in an Anisotropic Medium
  4. Coupled-Mode Analysis of Bragg Diffraction
  5. Raman-Nath Diffraction
  6. Surface Acousto-Optics
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